Arla - a Swedish ice cream commercial shot in the USA

Heineken commercial featuring our League of Heroes costumes

Dabur Army - Food costumes for a nutrition product in Mumbai, India

STRIDE® Whitemint Gum Commercial with Shaun White and our teenage Yeti

Coffee cups, torta, and onion makeups for this Mexican Clorets spot

The Topflite Freak comes to life in this web commercial

William Shatner battles our re-creation of "The Gorn" from the original series to promote "Star Trek: The Video Game"

A hamburger attacks a NASCAR driver in this commercial for Tums

House costumes for a series of commercials for Fulton Homes in Arizona

Chicken Caesar wrap costume with prop side of dressing for GrubHub

Captain Sonic vs. a Super Villain for St. Paul's Insurance

A baked potato, a steak, and a crab have a confrontation about the Four Winds Casino buffet

Multiple grocery costumes for this RC Cola spot directed by Christopher Guest

The "Happy Star" appears as a costume capable of surviving a fire stunt along with six dancing hamburgers

Realistic fruit costumes created for a series of spots for Snapple beverages

20 colorful state costumes for a series of Suncom spots

A bread slice, spinach, an orange, and a cow for IBC commercial

A full-body creature suit fabricated for the Japanese bank commercial shot in New York with Tak Sakaguchi