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While the majority of what we make is owned by our clients, we have a small number of pieces available for rental that are listed below.  There are no rates given as pricing is based on the individual situation.  Contact us for a rental quote but here are some basic guidelines:


The renter must provide addiitional insurance for the full replacement cost of the piece.


Rentals are primarily for customers in the Los Angeles area.  The reason for this is the size of these pieces makes shipping very costly, especially in a rush situation.  Shipping is NOT included in rental rates.

Emily Bronto

This lifelike puppet has nominal jaw movement.  SAG or non-union puppeteer available on request.


This piece is 4' in diameter, which means it cannot go through a standard door when worn.


This piece is narrow in the middle so it will only fit someone with a thin to medium build.

$100 Bill Roll

This piece was made for the Robin Thicke video "Give It 2 U" and has small vision holes in the front.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

This piece has small vision holes in the front.


This piece was made for a little person 3' 10" tall and won't fit a average adult.  It is best used as an oversized prop.

Champagne Bottle

This piece was made for the Robin Thicke video "Give It 2 U" and has small vision holes in the front.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

This piece allows for limited arm movement. 

Bigfoot Bob

This costume consists of a head, hands, feet, and fur body suit.

Christmas Gift

This piece allows for limited arm movement.

Buster Bunny

This is a mascot head only with ventilation/vision through the mouth.