Stay comfortable inside a costume with TotalCoolTM


Years of costuming experience on-set have helped us develop the most efficient (and least expensive) cooling system to help prevent a performer from overheating. The principal uses insulated frozen chemical packs on key areas of the body.


Even when used inside an enclosed character costume, a TotalCool™ ice vest and collar will keep the wearer comfortable for an hour or more! Additional packs can be pre-frozen and stored in a portable cooler for easy replacement throughout the day.


Once activated, the non-toxic packs can be refrozen time after time. They are lightweight and add little bulk to the performer. The fabric vest and collar are machine washable.

TotalCoolTM Value Pack


  • 1 vest

  • 3 sets of refreezable vest inserts

  • 1 collar

  • 3 refreezable collar inserts

  • Instructions


Only $99.95

+ $15.00 s&h